What is an opal?

Many millions of years ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth the process of creation forged a unique gem which somehow appeared to entrap fire and light in a myriad of colours and thus opals were born.

Types of opals

Black/Dark Opal

Found mainly at Lightning Ridge in NSW and some areas in South Australia, this magnificent variety in gem quality is arguably the most valuable. Ablaze with colour, its dark appearance distinguishes it from Light Opal.

Boulder Opal

Found in South Western and Central Queensland, this beautiful variety of opal is similar in appearance to Black Opal and forms naturally within ironstone "Boulder" which is cut to form part of the gemstone.

Light Opal

Found mainly in South Australia at Coober Pedy, Mintabie and Andamooka. With brilliant reds, blues and greens intermingled in a white or light background.


A thin slice of colourful Light Opal is laminated onto a layer of dark material (usually opal potch) to form a Doublet.


A doublet, but with the addition of a clear dome of crystal (where the Light Opal is sandwiched between the clear dome and layer of dark material) makes it a Triplet. The capping gives opal layer protection. This variety is water sensitive and should not be immersed.